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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taipei Walker 100510

Around 5++ we went back to Kai mun's house.
Cause its like so early.
I want 2nd round !!
So we stayed at Kai Mun's house for some time
till we figure it out where to go.
Around 7pm Summer went to fetched his bro.
Why we think so long ?
Cause Loke kai mun got YOGA class later.
8pm till 9pm.
So we followed her & her mother to Sri petaling carefour.
Wait for them at there.
We visited Watsons for 25minutes
without buying anything
but i did bought a mineral water.
I'm too thirsty.
Than we went to the toilet.
Its like so so so dangerous there.
No nothing !
Happened some 'touchwood' case also don know!
Than we head to upstairs.
Walked around.
I think there got around 20 shops that
operates Massage Therapy.
Its like you know
China massages.
Saw MU there too.
Get what i mean ??
So please don't bring your hubby there !
Its 9pm
walk,run out from there
cause we don't want summer to wait long.
Than we headed to Kuchai Lama
to have dinner.
Drive here there to find our dinner.
Finally went to the same place that
I say i'm interested on. :)
Its Taipei Walker.
Nice design.
The food is cheap and tasty.


Green Tea bubble

This comes in a set
Nice oneeeeeeee
The chicken is like 1/4.
Its value for money.

Nice renovation huh ?
I love my friends.
Thanks for spending time with me
Love every single of u all !
Next post ~

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