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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chillis 100510

Its my birthday on 100510
Thanks my babes for spending time with me.
They wanted to give me a surprise but im too smart
that i know it long time ago.
No one tell me anything
I figure it out on my own.
They wanted to surprise me
Idk how to explain.
Just tell you guys how i figure it out.
There are Gang A and Gang B
Gang A asked me to go Midvalley.
Same like Gang B they asked me too.
I don't believe both of them
asked me together at the same place.
Cause i don't believe that 'coincidence' lor
Its impossible.
Than i saw Kai mun and Summer
at FB asking some question about monday.
I being so 8 po i clicked and saw
Eh' changed plan d.
Go midvalley Chillis.
Than i officially confirmed that they
planned together.

Around 1245
They came and fetched me.
Than went to Kai mun's house.
Chiiit Chattttt
Until Jia hui called.
JH asked her what time we arrive.
than i tell her that i know they would be going too
She said WHY U SO 8 one ???
Want give u surprise also cannot !!!

Around 2pm only reached there
cause my dai ka jie want make up.
So slow ~ lols

My pictures tell u guys how is it :)

My Buffalo burger.
Thumbs up for the chips and fried onions.
Ewww for the burger.
Hate the buffalo made sauce.
My babeeee :) love her

So long dint take pictures together :)
Look at her . lols
My long lost sister ! !
Does we look alike ??
Give some comments please ~
She said she wanna do this sign wor

Q & annie babe ~
I like my eyes in this pic .. hahha

I starting to miss it now
Single lady . Woooots

Next post about what we did after that.
I would post it separately cause
i kinda feel that its too pack if i post it together.

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