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Friday, May 21, 2010

Sense & Style Graduation

Love this picture ~ Nice ?

16th May 2010
My babes graduation day
Yin leng & Kah Sing.
They won the top 15.
That morning woke up at around 620am !
So early -___-
Normally wake at 645-710am.
620 now is kinda hard for me.
Around 730am they came and fetched me.
About 8am something reached there.
She's almost the last one to arrive.
But luckily not.
So clumsy and crowded.
Things everywhere.
After that, Joanne & me went to the toilet
What we did beside ease ourself ?
Make up duh .
After that, we went to The Gardens to have our breakfast.
Planned to have MCD
But we don know where -___-
Instead of MCD we ate porridge .
RM3.90 with 'yao char guai'
The only restaurant that we found opened and early.
Its like around 845am.
After that we head some where to get some mineral water.
Than walk & walk & walk
Found MCD !!
Bought 2 mineral there too.
I miss the breakfast & HAsh Browns .
We both wore heels = =
Hell Tired and pain and Sore
Imagine 830am till 6pm with HEELs :O
After breakfast went back to Cititel hotel.
Wait till 2pm only can start the show
Hell boring.
Glad that they won~

Joanne ~

I love this model !
Love her smile ~ Sweeeeeeeet
(upper pic)

This model is pretty and her skin is so damn white.

Handsome with shades~
Myfm DJ

Only porridge for breakfast
until around 5pm only eat.
So long dint eat ~
This Sushi Zen located at The Gardens
service kinda bad.
Cause we need to wait without them telling.
I think they should ask us to wait for a while.
Rather than standing there acting got many stuff to do.

SEt of the day
Make me so damn full !

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  1. walaueh. what ur babe study? y graduation cloth so yeng 1?

  2. Wow..I saw my friend inside ur blog ;) haha the red dress model