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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gelatissimo 100510

After Chillis we walked around
here there here there
Finally we went to The Gardens
to get some ice-creams.
Which Annie introduce to us.
Its Gelatissimo.
I think i prefer Gelato ______ at the Midvalley's
Idk the full name.
Could't remember it.
Why is it named 'Gelato' in front ?
Cause its from Italy.
Gelato is made with frozen dairy
such as milk , cream , various sugars.
Fruits & nuts are their main flavoring ingredients.
Gelato is much more expensive than normal ice cream.
Cause 1st of all ,
The ingredients are all made out of real fruits
not coloring and flavorings like normal ice creams.
So its like triple higher the price.
And the sugar content is
way more lower than normal ice creams.
Enough of Gelato stories.
Continue my journey :)

We ate our ice creams & played with our cards
Haaahaaa like 38 po...
Could't stop playing poker cards for every pit stop.
just like last time.

RM12.90 for medium double scoop.
Strawberry & apple.
Still choosing after they tried various of taste.
Im the type like if i try i'll buy.
Last time its way more worse.
Its like every time i step into the shop
i will need to buy something
especially i TRY that stuff.
I'll need to buy it. lols
Thats last time me.
Now i dont care.
Tried and i dislike i put it back and shake my head.
Gotta change myself if not i will
Shop To Drop !
Next post peeps ~

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