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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

100th post ~~

This is my 100th post.
Cont yesterday's post. The picture below is the RM125++ that straighten + curly machine. I think we used it for only 10 times which we bought it 2 years ago. The RM10 straighten is more betta cux it heat up faster and straighter. So dont think cheap product no use and fragile. Sometimes it will even betta than the expensive ones.

I feel so moody today. Don know why . No one can help me. Just suddenly i feel like that. I shall be brave like Caroline . Write about her problem at her blog ~~ visit her blog too at Caroline see.. remember to pay me when i date with u ~~
It seems to be too many friends for me in the college is a problem. No comment
nothing to do at shop XD

Look at my hand. My big bro wanna kill 9 me. LOL. Aiks.. So hurt & pain. Feel like wanna cry but just cant. Feel so depressed. Exams coming. Doesnt feel like attending any classes. Today fucking bad luck . I received 2 summones again. 1 from police and 1 from MPSJ. So fuck . I got 5 summones so far. They really nothing to do. Everyone know SS15 not enough parking space and always happen to have traffic jam there. What so illegal to park there. What we block? Starbucks or MCD ? ~!@~#!@$$#% idiot pig. This problem make me even more moody today. I think if 'they' got free time please do other useful thing . Dont do these useless things .
oh yeahh.. Thanks my Dear for the white chocolate ~~
killer bro
yummy thnks Jia hui
fuck u summones

For my 100th post . I will talk about 'world best car' "lecturer Sri" said. I remember last few months when i still working at Camware marketing and that day after work i need to drive my mum don know go where dy and i waited outside of my parents shop . While i put the thing to 'P' and pulled the handbrake or i pulled the handbrake than only put the thing to 'P' (forget dy) the car move forward a lil bit than knocked down my dad's bike. huuuu .. remember his face was so reddddd..My car looks more worse than his motor. His 'lamp cover' jux broke a lil bit and mine
= = . u see . lol . My dad's lamp cover cost him RM21 . I think mine more cheap if i want to fix it. Still no money to fix that thing.
poor lil baby

Special post . Talk about love life.
Im finding someone that love me for who i am not what i am.
Its easy to find a partner but its hard to find a partner that u really love.
I think that if a guy really love u , he will sacrifice for u.
If your patience level is very low you may chaoz. cux i hardly will accept anyone in a short term except i really do love him.
I like Dear's chaser or lover or don know they call . They willing to find her even though they know she doesnt love them. Sweet =)
All the guys that chase me have no patience at all . If i say reject the next day they will target a new one. This call love me ? huh .

[picture of the day]

Think & choose wisely Annie babe =)
hurray for my 100th post.


  1. wah~~still remember promote my blog la..
    and thank for praising le~!!!
    i got so brave meh~~hahaha
    if brave i write out their name lo~~XD

    wht ur bro did??cut u with knife?o.0
    dont think so much in LOVE~~
    sometime single maybe is a good thing~
    faith will come sooner or later~~
    dont rush in it~~~^^

  2. hehehe ~~~
    betta thn me la..

    no la.. he was jux playing .. lolxxx
    yeahh ..
    sometimes single is betta than double..
    i dint rush pun ..
    ngam than come not ngam chaozxz

    patience is everything

  3. yup~~
    good that you think like this~
    and choose wisely~my only advise^^