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Sunday, July 19, 2009

pulau Carey

Sunday. Went to Pulau Carey. Lunch & fishing & to celebrate my mum's birthday. I think you guys dont even know where is Pulau Carey = = Its located after you pass Klang's Bandar puteri and futher more. Its about 1 1/2 hours from Puchong. When i saw Bandar Puteri , i was like huh that road can go to our house ? but actually its not , its Klang's Bandar Puteri which the developer are also IOI properties if im not wrong. Nothing special about Pulau Carey. Scroll down to see the pictures.

heard b4 ?

Mum's present from us. prawn ^^
tom yam fish .. yummy
The bread so delicious with sweet & sour crab
finish my meal.

After lunch, went fishing beside the restaurant . Boringnyaaaaa.. tak boleh tahan. Mum say want go futher more , see got what to see. Than all d girls followed, my mum drove until half way she stopped and said 'dono how far more' than go back to the restaurant. on the long way back , saw a 4leg-snake. If not wrong its about 3.5feet long. Want to take a picture of it but by the time we go near it , dy gone.

kepala sawit .
the dirty sealove the wind there :)
me :)



  1. no heart de u all... Din buy MONT BLANC for your mom xD

  2. eh .. parker d very good lo . lol

  3. Ehhhh Mont Blanc is the Proof of Loyalty too ur parent

  4. mont blanc are for u , rich guys , like me. poor d buy parker d good lo..

  5. = = G2 . what u mean is parker is as cheap as G2 la

  6. now only i realise!! u wearing polo shirt~~!

    rich girl @.@