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Friday, July 3, 2009

Sorry Bloggie :( update now :) wednesday 1/7/09

Wednesday. Actually we have been planning to go to TS for that 4 hours break but end up at Sunway Pyramid.Thanks Leslie for fetching us go there with his comfortable car. LOL. We ate our lunch at Pasta Zanmai. Delicious. Damn expensive for me without my mum here. ^^ . Nvm.
Did our marketing assignment there. Damn tired. While we are taking pictures of the product, a promoter came and said you need to get a pass to take these pictures. It occured at Jusco. FISH . Than we went to Giant to continue our picture things. They dint even open their mouth to say anything . Thats great . haazz.

pasta zanmai
Salmon pasta. ^^ . RM30
Dear & me

At Giant
Dont act laaaa

After that we when back to college. Than after class meet up Tuck poh. He fetched me and Le Anne to college and he fetched us back too. Thanks very much. I asked him to fetch me to Kah Sing's house. We celebrated her belated *birthday at Look out point. Her actual date of birthday is 30/6/09. ISHHHHHH. No planning on that day. Everything was late. Thats nvm, reached there need to give mosquitos bite my leg and those annoying big fat ants disturbs our table. Lucky changed to the other table. or else. Dengue for the 2nd time. Seriously, i only like the view. BEautiful. Maybe we reached there too early . No wind at all. Some more their service was so slow. I think that they need to upgrade their services than any other things. Some more damn many cats there.

Caroline: i think no need bring me go dy. So disappointed la. Go other place.
Need to climb so high.
Nice view but my camera sucks. sorry.

my meal.
birthday girl.
Jasmine & me.

I only uploaded this . in the others pic i look so retarted.

After that, we went to AC . Played pool there for half and hour than back home. So tired on that day.
Annie dear.
look at his style. nice ya.

with a picture.

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