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Monday, July 27, 2009

monday again

Time is passing faster and faster. I wish the time will stop even for a second to accomplish my work. Today english class 4pm till 6pm. Lecturer pass out our test paper and discuss a lil abt it and thats call a day. My marks, im disappointed on it. Yesterday saw 53/100 at inti on9. Just now double count the marks which they helped me to count ^^ lecturer miss few marks of mine. it should be 57/100 ahahha . Just added 4 marks . kinda happy.. haha.. but still disappointed on it cux 57 is just a passing mark . need to add more oil on the finals. About 4.50pm we can go back d. Reached home about 5.05 i thinked. I smell something charred. just scroll down than u will know what happened. Its my sis. She forgot to switch off the hair straighten machine. Lucky dint BOOOM or else i gonna kill her cux she put right in front of my comp. That hair staighten jux cost RM10 which i bought it long time ago .. I compare this RM10 with RM125++ RM10 is betta. Cont. tomorrow this post.

good night =)sweet dreams