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Friday, July 17, 2009


hey readers im back. now only i know that there are not much readers read my blog.
haiz . nvm . need to promote again ^^
if u guys notice , my blog had added nuffnang ads.
seeing mostly my friends have added it , i perhaps should add it as well.
by browse through nuffnang's i can see i have how many readers per day .
As far as now. its 0. T.T
Nevermind. Lets start of at Wednesday.
oh ya the measles infection i had pass it Kai Mun. Pity her.
Take care sweetheart :)

Wednesday. After maths class , we when to The Noodle station at around Taylors there. I saw their advertisement at The Star newspaper. So i asked my classmates to have our lunch there.
Their design were nice and relaxing. Service are good as well. The food are just nice for me. After lunch, we when to Qiqi's house to revise management exam. At there , we did nothing but crapping around. But at last , i did take out my notes and read. ^^ After management test 2 , Le Anne and me when to E3 to cut our hair. That stylist damn emo. Scroll down to see my freak out hair.

Hazelnut milk

tom yam mee
Qiqi's sis pet.


Thursday night.
Marketing test today. Revised until 1am. make my hand pain

After the marketing exam, we went to Sunway, Redbox.
Nothing special about it.
Tired now.


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