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Saturday, July 4, 2009


So dissapointed what my mum scolded me just now in the morning.
you won't believe what she said to me.
I fell very depressed now.
Cried for few times.
Not only because she scold me and its also because my F-up bro.
What he did is childish.
And my MUM blamed me for all.
What i wished for i can't get it.
What i get was her saliva.

I will remember everything that happened.

I stop to talk to her at 10.30am till now
She still don know that i take those words real
I hardly reply what my F-up bro said. Its like altogether 10 words only i replied him.
They never know how i feel.
My tears rolling down again.
I remembered that day i said
harsh huh.
But the next day the angryness has gone.
She texted me and said about the PTPTN loan.
I replied her.
Today, i demanded for something and what she said is something that i can't take it.
I think she just hate me.
Every member of my family hates me!
feel like dying now.



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