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Sunday, July 26, 2009

sunday night

tomorrow only post sunday afternoon =)

1st time saw my parents argue just now at their room. Because of my mum's account thing. I dono who to help so remain silent. I damn innocent . Go in there watch Tv giv mum SUT . Say i dint do this do that . Sien . Than suddenly dad donno say what about her work and walla they argue . Than i go back into my room and scold my siblings = = Cux everytime my mum will scold me for all . After scolding me , she will than only scold others.

bored of everything.


  1. ur mom scold you.. now u scold your sibling~ just like recycle _= mom too you.. you too sib.. sib too bla bla

  2. den my resign letter called life ma? =)

  3. no .. call comedy between u and your boss