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Thursday, July 23, 2009

fishh ~~~

On the way going back home i stop a while to capture this cloud . looks like an elephant huhhh .
Guess the tsunami thing is fake. Nothing happened yesterday except eclipse which i had missed it. Wish to see it. Today english test 2 was tough. Well i try my best dy. Hopefully i will score a passing mark. After the class i when to AC , had my lunch there with my dear jia hui, tuck poh & hein while waiting for Le anne & kai mun to finish their exam. Dear , remember the sign ? hohoho.. I will never forget it ~~~ Than about 3pm when to QiQi's house to do our group assignment. Not enough information. Don know how to pass up tomorrow. And i haven touch my individual assignment. Lazy man. About 4.30pm we go back. Reached home about 5pm and about 5.30pm start cooking. I dint cook for about few months dy. Just cook 2 dishes. French beans 'if im not wrong' & fish. Hate to fry the fish . i don know how to fry it. I fried 3 slice and only 1 slice is perfect~! aikss.. After dinner will start doing my assignment i think ..^^
nice leh ..
ignore beside ones!

Life full of stress . aikss

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