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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

land of the lost.

Went to watch The Land of the lost yesterday at TGV cinema with Mr. Des. This movie damn funny. Non-stop laughing . lol . After movie, he went back and i hang out with my dears. Went to asia avenue and had my lunch there. Ate mee sua. ~~~ nice for me except for the chicken slice and live oyster.Than we bought a singlet at Forever 21 for RM29 the cheapest cloth there. lol. 3 of us have the same =) 1st time.

4/5 rating.
mee sua. 3.5/5
This dress is the dress that i said i wanted to buy on the last post.
doesnt suit me.

After that, dears said want to rest for a while and Sweet heart Annie said go 1901 eat. When we came back from toilet, Annie's aunt called and gotta go back. Left us at there . The hotdogs are delicious especially mine =) lol . After that, went to mini toons and buy pencil case. Actually we want to wait for Joesinn to fetch us but its late when he finished his stuff. So we took a teksi back college. 1st time no transport go back ==
4/5 rating

[picture of the day]


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