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Friday, July 3, 2009


Porridge . Teng chai. My Fav.
marketing assignment
Kai mun's toilet.

Just now in the afternoon, we went to Sunway to eat the porridge. Yummy.
After class, went to Kai Mun ' s house at Bukit Jalil to do our assignment there. Her house is huge and nice. So rush just now. Reached home at 5.00pm. Done the chores at 5.15pm. 5minutes its enough for me to eat cup noodle. I was so hungry and i dropped by at 7/11 to buy cup noodle. I think that cashier got some problem. I bought the instant mee for rm2.20 for 2. The actual price was Rm2.20 per cup. I gave him Rm 5 but he give back me Rm2 and i did asked him where he got count 1 or 2 and he say he counted for 2. Than i left. Untung 1 cup ^^While eating my noodle, Hong Lim called me and asked me to go out. Than my mum let but need to come back for dinner. Wait Tuck poh to fetch. So rush. Lucky i can finish my maggi mee. When to Station 1 and played poker there .

my hot honey milk .

nice leh .^^

Tired now. My shoulder hurts. :(



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