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Saturday, July 25, 2009

morning =)

morning everyone :) at my parents shop now. felt bored and feel like blogging now ^^
look at the lighter below . whole box yay. mum ordered . don know whether she want to sell or use herself. heard they said that the lighter got leg , know how to run here run there and vanished. LOL . just now my dad said my hair looks like a broom . need a hair cut again either tomorrow or nxt week.

err.. lelong.. who want just tell me.. sell very cheap. RM1 per piece.
buy 10 free 1 .hehe
Annie dear , take care :) lov u


  1. i wan ZIPPO lighter~~ ada ke?

  2. Wooww babe~ so sweet! now only i saw my name there.. at the bottom there.. =D thanks! i feel better now. mwahhs~

  3. ahahah .. feeling betta ~~ thats good ..