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Monday, July 27, 2009

sunday afternoon

An afternoon with my dear =)
Went to the free make-up sessions at Time Square. Nice , they teach me how to make-up and so on. Organized by The Sense and Style beauty academy. #tell me if i written it out wrongly. Make Jia hui waited for so long with her stomach empty. ^^ After the make-up, went to Sg. Wang ate our lunch. Donno what is the restaurant's name. Its opposite Gasoline. The food was no good at all. I ate Zaru soba, the noodles are not fresh and the sauce are warm. 1st and last time we ate there. After lunch, shoooopppiinng..... but we cant buy anything at Sg. wang , dono what have happened to us. Than , we went back to TS , same thing happened. We cant buy anything, what also not suitable. 1st time went to TS & SW tangan kosong balik. but at least we bought some mask ~~ About 5.00 we went back and went to Sunway. At sunway at least Dear can buy a formal shirt. ahahah .. Went to Foever 21 , i saw a dress that cost RM109 , wanted to buy but its just i had no money . .. . . . If dear buy i will buy d.. LOL .

Dear's meal

mine =(

alwys text = =
look kinda weird
me & dear

eyebrow brush & masks from Etude house

stomach pain


  1. wahhhhhhhhhhh thin le worrr o.O

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