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Friday, July 31, 2009


Welcome to Sakae Sushi .

Green Tea
. . .
lemon sorbet
soft shell crab
soft shell crab in egg roll
egg roll
. . . nice . . .
salmon ~~~ mine
Vaness's meal
Leslie's meal
Dear's meal
me & dear
Dont disturb me.. nap =)

Today after class went to KLCC to check out the PC fair which Annie called us to go.
Actually we planned to watch movie at sunway thn suddenly Annie say go Pc fair than we follow
but in different car. We go along with Leslie and she go along with her bf. We were planning how to go and who fetch my friend go back. We find many of our friends to fetch her back but just no one willing to. Pity me. Than at last Jia hui called her and say which i dont dare cux 'friends'. Jia hui & Annie dear you know i know lo.. lol .. Than luckily she say Kai mun babe fetch her back.
Thanks Kai Mun for fetching Le Anne back. Hate me huh ? lol .
I had been starving from the time i wake up till 2.15pm only i can find something to eat. pity me.
Reached Klcc at about 1.30pm and we ate at Sakae Sushi. Need to queue up to eat. Damn many people today. WTF. After lunch we went to PC fair . Boringggggggggggg !!! So regret to go there. Hate there man. About 3.45pm we left and went to Leslie's house. My Dear ANNIE yet haven come. Until about 4something she called me but his house has no line. Haix . Watever . Cux everyone of us d du 9 lan. We went to Leslie's house cux he need to take an injection at don know where.We waited at his house for about an hour only fetch us go back home. About 5 something we went back and from Ampang to Puchong . Some more got traffic jam. So hate. Slept a while in his car . lolxx. Too tired . Anyway thanks Leslie for fetching me back home .

[picture of the day]
forgot to adjust the size to smaller size.


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