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Friday, July 24, 2009

yesterday night :(

Yesterday night i was rushing to do my marketing assignment cux today need to pass up. Its very easy, just cut and paste the information that i had found. When i wanted to paste it i cant remove the applicator than i asked my sis to open but she failed than asked my dad to open and he succeeded. Than i remove the plug and guess what i cant close it. And whenever i use the glue will flow out. So fucking annoying. Than thats okay . The worst part was i tot my artblock paper not enough so i wanted to go IOI mall but mum said around Puteri Mart got a stationary shop. Went to there but closed than on the way going out from Puteri , I asked my sis why got Giant don want to go want go that far. LOL. Forget about there is a Giant around our house ! Luckily i remember or not waste time waste fuel. Than came back from Giant, i double check whether the artblock is enough a not. Its more than enough . Ishhhhh. Wasted the artblock la.. Why i don want double check only go out . haizzzz .

useless product
They named this glue as happy glue.
Im not happy when i used that !
Ishh .. wasted d art block
original art block.
my messy table !
need to clean up this mess. ishh. hate

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