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Saturday, July 18, 2009

happy Birthday to yao yao ~

Saturday night . Celebrated my cousin's birthday at my house. She is Yao Yao , 1 year old. Anyone interested ? lol . All my relative tot today should b celebrating my mum's birthday which actual date is 21/7 but turn out celebrates little baby's birthday. Everyone was shocked when i take out the cake out which wrote Yao yao's name but we asked the waitress to write Yau Yau. Thanks to my sis. She say Yao Yao is for boy = = nvm . Not my fault. Hate their service at Secret Recipe's at Bandar puteri outlet. The waitress who serve me looks so moody. When come to pay money which the cashier who served me , she dint even say thank you . Nvm . I know im poor. We bought Oreo Cheese. Yummy . especially the biscuit there. ^^

Oreo cheese
should b Yao yao
mummy & yao yao
Half of our Lee's family
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4
Take 5
Take 6

After the birthday party. My bro asked me want to go coco a not with his fiancee . Of cux i say YESS . gosh . i was so excited cux damn long dint go clubbing d. I wore simple = = no time to prepare and i always wear this shirt . haizx . nvm . About 10.30something we went out from house. We did go into coco but for 1 round we went out from there becux of my idiot bro wear short pants. He purposely wear it becux maybe he's bringing his fiance & me. lol . So funny right , 1 round come out d. After that 1 round experience, i feel Barc betta. The DJ is betta, the song is betta. Huuu.. that guy even asked me for my IC . = = i know i look young ^^ hahahha. Anyone can bring me go Mos ? ^^


  1. why need so much of reader for? o.O

  2. perasan betul la..~~
    they actually check 90/100 girl la..XD

    i also want go MOS..
    i thnk i will call my coll friend go this week or next week~~
    before our exam

  3. See fai : msn tell u la..

    Caroline : hehehe.. remember date me o .. see i wan go a not .. ^^

  4. msn =_= thousand year oni i on9...

    Actually ur dat look so Gothic on the pic =_=

    and =_= no ppl call me SEE FEI.. Except my home area ppl =_=

  5. LOL。 i like to call u see fei .. ^^ hehe

    gothic.. where got .. = =

  6. YEAHH GOT.. bt i stil prefer u call me Krez.. if u feel difficult too call kreavit..

  7. i love to call u see fei ~~~ that kreavit just hard to pronouce