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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today now .

While doing my assignment that means now, feel very boring and can't think of any points to write and i just need 2 more points to write. But i had totally no idea! aiks. nvm . blog now than think of it later. Just now i ate my dinner at 10pm. Wow. Can fill in my record book right. Its for my dinner not supper. lol . conversation:

My mum: Want to eat dinner a not ?
Me: yea.
My mum: Where ?
Me: don know . er. Ratha
My mum: don wan there . she ask dad. donno . than say 928
me:ok .

Than i call back and say :
Me: we all don want to go out eat, u ta pau
My mum: ok ..

Its like we waited for almost 1 and the 1/2 hour. = = . Damn hungry. lucky got sweet to eat.

Just now in the afternoon. While waiting for Le Anne to come , I saw an uncle about 75-80years old waiting for bus. So heart sore when i saw a bunch of girls, men, women and others dont even give a space for him to sit or maybe he don want to sit i don know. Another thing was when the bus arrived RAPID-KL. I know rapid=fast but please not as fast that. He wanted to sit on that bus but unfortunately by the time he picked up his things the bus had already gone. So heart sore when i saw this. The bus driver he is fast. He dint even want to bother the uncle but i don know where the driver dint see him or what but still i think bus should wait a while. Somemore the bus is meant for the 'orang kurang upaya' in english is 'human less capable' = = got this from caroline's friend. I think the ticket collector man or woman should help the uncle out. Seriously, if im not in the car, i will help the uncle out. I can't just stand at there. Once while im in form 4 or form 5, my sis and i helped an about 70years old aunty to 'climb' the steps and whenever im using the public transport and saw old man i will give my place to them. Im good huh but sometimes being good is bad for me. There are many liars out there now . So, i need to consider 1st before im doing it again. My back hurts :( sit too long.


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