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Friday, June 19, 2009


Marketing class 9am-11am,Malaysian studies 11am-12pm than Mathematics 3pm-5pm
Marketing test today . Relief now . huuuu . Late for M.S. class about 1/2 hour. Won't tell you what happened. After class we went to AC. Ate our lunch there.Than played cards till 1pm. Went to pool with Kai Mun , Jia Hui , Le Anne , Tuck Poh and Kai Mun's friend Dill and Des. Crapped alot there . Fighting for opening ball. Saw that guy who taught me how to play pool 1st. Our nickname 'jay chou' . They pass by us but dint wave or say hi. Maybe dia sudah lupa saya la. Haiz. Suan la. After pool , its mathsssssssssssss . ouch . hate it . Snapped some pichas.


ME again . Got SS with Kai Mun, but scare she don let me post. cehhhhhh

GOSH, guess what happened during the maths class. Just pass about 5-10minutes, the bell suddenly rang. Thought what ? recess ? or its time for other subject. NOOOOOOOOO. (Kai mun said still got this de ar) It was FIRE PRACTICE (u understand?) Its a crap. Waste time . Make me walk down from 8th floor. stupid. I'm wearing heels somemore. At there car park/basketball court for about 15minutes and nothing to be explain or done, we when back to our class and continue study. I was like . . . . . . . . . What the = = . Than Kai mun and me went out and bought a cup of bubble tea to cold down ^^

I thought that the fire practice thing only practices in secondary school, can't believe that college life also need to practice. Than how about work ? Do they need to practice like us ? Huh .
Me . After walking down from 8th floor.
kereta bomba

my ice blended kiwi. i prefer milk shake.

Just went back from dinner. My parents and I went to Batu 14 to have our dinner. Just the 3 of us. Batu 14, we use to live at there. Lived in the wooden house and without license to built that house. Wow. Everything had changed. As opposite SJKC Han Ming use to be an unoccupied car park slots and now it becomes a super market like Chekers. Bigger than Chekers. Our house that demolished dint even build anything except grass. Disappointed . Miss that place so much . We use to live, eat , and play there but now I don't even know what is my neighbours name . How does they look like ? We had gone far apart from our ex-neighbours, I never contact them nor them. How does they look like now ? I still remember their name :)
Kok Leong & Kok Keong.
Kok Leong always play with him . Remember that we played below a big lorry . He knocked his head and bleeding. Gosh . His mum quickly sent him to the clinic. We were worried and scared to get scold. LOL. Don't really know how he knocked his head. We like to play with tadpoles. Haha and we will ride our bicycle to the top of the road/rubbish dump there and ride back down . See who is the fastest. But now, its nothing. Whenever i come back from some where , i will switch on my computer 1st and other things leave it a side. Computer is my besties in the house.
Tired . Chaos. XOXO .


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