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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

saturday 27/6/09 jia hui's open house party

That Saturday, went to Jia hui's open house party. At her house craps until about 11something, if im not wrong than we went to the hill. Ouch . At the hill, i need to ease myself for the sick of 2times!! what the.. than went back to my home and ease..hehe^^lucky near. Thanks to tuck poh for fetching me 2 After that about 12something we went back to jia hui's house with zun and joesinn and friends. At there ate and drank 1can of carlsberg again . lol . total up 2cups and 3 or 4 cans. Vomited at the hill.. sorry .. i poluted u hill. :( Than at Jia hui's room chat until 2.30am.. !! crazy,, damn long dint go out till that late..some more not clubbing.! wasted. i should go clubbing. lol. Few pictures to see..For more can go to my FS or FB and see. Next post now ^^
love this ^^
actually i want to bring back de..don mind ok .. jia hui .. later i go get it XD
3 cute or crazy fellas..
yuck.. i vomited .. hehe..
the 3 transformer.
dear jia hui ^^
pretty Le Anne~~
Sweetheart Annie :)
Joanne Cutie pie :)
let us 'transformer' end my post


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