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Friday, June 19, 2009

thursday 18/6/09

THURSDAY - 10am-12pm - MALAYSIAN STUDIES 12pm-2pm English
Guess what . i got my marks . 3.5 over 15 marks . Damn low . aiks . hate it . Can somebody tell me why we need to study this boring and no use subject. When we graduate from college , and we find a job to work , do we use this subject ? Me myself don't think so. OK. What a retarded subject.
Mr. Moody is here to help me up in the morning atmosphere.
LOL 5 marks. not mine la

3.5 its mine :(

I will do my best in the next test. I promise.

After the M.S. class it was English. We were asked to write and a short essay based on don know . . . . . . . . . Madam gave us some title .
-horrifying event
-beautiful house
i wanted to write the 2nd one but all of them wrote the 1st one. So i followed them . I really don know what to write, i think that a bus crash into the haunted house and bla bla bla. Suddenly i thought of the story that i read from this blogger that day
its was so horrible. you read it than u will know.

I found this blogger from The Star Metro. Drop it down and visited :) coool blog. Nowonder u won the Xbox.

After English class, we got the replacement class for marketing but cancelled without informing us . Just like the english class . Last minutes tell us that the class is postpone. Than we went to McD to have lunch . Saw 2 girls that came from KTAR sat beside us . So pretty . We asked her what were they doing with the cards . Than she asked us to fill in the form and you will get free VIP cards to SPACE club around MAISON. The card can bring along 2 friends within 2 months.


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