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Sunday, June 14, 2009

wednesday 10/6/09

Wednesday . 4 hours break went to sunway again . Sang K again . not 3 of us again lar. with dear jia hui , tuck poh and tai xi. The service was so BAD that day ! just like the other day i went with my family that time. But for the 3 of us the food came faster cause we ordered earlier than them
than for 3 of them ordered when they came in that time . If not wrong their food came about an hour and we complained for several times also like no one cares. After jia hui finished their meal they went out earlier because of the food were so untasty and they went to Gasoline to have their meal. Left 3 of us again .. lol SS SS SS
^^ without make up and edit.
look so dirty

my meal. udon mee

no outside foods and drinks allowed.
no smoking below 18.
no drugs.
no party spray.
no POKER cards.
dont break the table ? .
let the beat ROCK.
room 13 i think

After that we went back to college and after college we went back home as usual. The other day i received a text message from Joanne . She asked me go for a drink at Asia One. Than after study, fetch Le anne back and than i went back home 1st. After half and hour went to Asia 1.

i ate fish and chips Rm10++
Kah sing & joanne
me and kah sing

joanne and me
jasmine and me

more better.

After our dinner , we went to opposite IOI mall to have dessert . Than later about 9 something we went home : )


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