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Saturday, June 6, 2009

LIPgloss & stick

lipgloss & lipstick :)

my FAV :) cherish from MAC *RM63

from KATE :) *RM39.90

lip repairing :) smell like pear, helps to repair lip 'the blacken part'.
bought it at 女人我最大 queensbay mall, penang *RM39.90

from BODYSHOP 'guarana' *RM26
what is guarana ? click here

majolica majorca ~ honey pump lipgloss
get this FREE when i buy RM50 value of products at watsons .

Kate's lipgloss *RM15 if im not wrong

Heroine lipgloss, u can find this from SASA ; a gift from my aunty and uncle TQ :)

LIP ice :) use to used this last time ; its already finish, this is my sis's lipgloss *RM10.90

NIVEA . quite fine *RM12.90 if im not wrong

IANTI . please don't buy this lipgloss product from them . its smell *RM26.90

from lip ice . its not that good cause the color was white before u apply .
after u apply it your lips will become red. *RM12

LIPGLOSS babes .
sorry that i abandoned u all especially starts from last number 7 except the lip ice that i already told u that i finish it off and KATE's lipstick :( i will try to finish u all soon .

about M.A.C.
just browse through
look at the price of USD of my lipstick cost u USD 14.00
and if convert to MYR is just around RM50.00
why they sell to us for RM63.00 ?
is it because of shipping fee ? huh ?
i don know how much exactly they sell now but i know last time i bought it at RM63
and its was just few months ago
arggghhh.. if can i will fly to US and buy the cosmetics there:)wish to
and about the service at sunway outlet is not good at all.
the employee's face tell me that i look like that im not gonna buy and no need to serve me
in my opinion they will say 'she will not buy our stuff just let it go' huh?
what kind of service is this ?
several times i went in and its like they will rather sitting at there than serve me.
but once i found a salesgirl there who serve me kinda friendly :) and than i bought the lipstick
the reason why i always buy SASA's cosmetic is because of their employees is so damn friendly
i would only buy from sunway outlet :) i know one of them well.
i mean not all their brand ; SASA sells many kind of brand
whenever u go into the shop they will greet u
'welcome to SASA'
than they will explain what is this and that and how to use
it feels like u are at your home 'for me' :)
i will visit MAC again whenever i have sufficient money to buy their cosmetics because its not cheap for me.


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