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Monday, June 22, 2009

happy father's day

Firstly, happy fathers day to every father out there : ) Yesterday went to PORT DICKSON. Went out from 4pm till 10pm. Visited the beach which was very dirty. I like the white sand : ) Than around 6pm. We went to several hotel to get something to eat , we even went to the Thistle hotel which is opened not long ago to see what buffet they have. There is one buffet dinner there but its not worth it. Rm80++ per person . Not many varieties and normal food that you can find it at any food court . The main point is no SUSHiiiiiii . If like this i prefer JOGOYA Rm88++ many varieties and got my fav. sushi. At last we dropped by at a seafood restaurant and have our dinner there. It was cheap. 6 person for only Rm 136.00. But seriously its not very nice and we need to eat with the 'water flies' surrounding us all the time . After that, we went back . We went to IOI mall and get the Celcom broadband . Saw See See , asked me where the want to go clubbing at Thursday a not wor. wanna go a not ? lol . Keep me partying till the AM . yea.. than later friday no need to attend school dy. Than someone called me to go at Friday and Saturday go Jia hui's open house. = = '' wah .. if i really attend this 3 days. you will see my vampire face at Sunday.

Thursday-bar ce (sure cant go)
Friday- bar ce (sure cant go)
Saturday- jia hui house until 1am (confirm dy)
Sunday- Ghost face ^^

I really want to go if i can either at Thursday or Friday but if i go i sure cant attend jia hui's . My mum sure kill me. hehe . Can i go next week ? anyone wanna go ? I want my babes . It wont be fun without my babes. My babes including Wei Khang . ^^ Only call me to go after u call my babes out if not no need to call me . My answer sure NO. sorry :(


where is my ROMEO ?


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