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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Seriously. . I have 4 assignments to do but i don know which one to start 1st. All of them are insufficient information . What do you expect me to do ? Im still a begineer for these.

2 from marketing
1 management
1 M. studies

As these assignment haven yet complete there , my maths lecturer said our test 2 will be held at 1st week of July.I was like what the ? @!#!#@$@% Our test 1 just pass 2 weeks ago and now you tell me another test is coming ? Gosh. i haven prepare yet. As my maths are lowest in the class im still fooling around here there. Haiz.. Why m i so lazy on maths ? Why this subject so hard to understand? Tolong aku. Im suffering here . Got my management marks that day. It was just average. 54/100 . border line . Haiz . M.studies 100% fail test 1. I dint even bother to read. Not what . I just dont understand why do we need to study these . Waste time . Next time i will read and go for the test . I cant crapping around anymore. Test+Assignment+Presentation.
I'm loaded with heavy stuff. I just need a passing mark for maths . Please do always pray for me.


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