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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

today ^ ^ 17/6/09

After the boring maths class, we went to sunway . We used the coupons that Pei Yee gave. I guess you know it if u went to there today. With this coupon you can buy any of those foods at only Rm1 but small serving and its really small. 1st time go out with them : Playful , Funny , Happy. They were : Pei Yee (chiang siaw hua) don know you recognize a not la^^, Michelle, Wei Kai, Chua, Louis Gor(my old primary schoolmate) , and again us :) Kai mun. Le Anne. Qiqi. Summer. Look through the coupon : We haven use

Station Kopitiam
Shihlin ( they said run out of stock wor) lies
Snowy Dessert (same. run out of stock) liar
missing one of them:pommes fries
like their sauce, nice
gosh,, love their porridge so much
guess which was mine
spagetti . still ok. my bro's fiancee cook more nice :)
bubble tea . what do you expect some more which you only pay RM1

After crapping around, Michelle said SHOPPING. huh
i bought a T-shirt from playerz . no picture
Than we look around and there goes Nichii (correct spelling) ?
Went there and try these on:
Nice ? blur picture
T.T wanted to buy but cant. sobs,, only can try cant buy. haiz
four of us :)
kai mun babe
le anne ^^
long lost friend . louis, heheh
kawaii QiQi

toilet view
in Kai mun's car
Her's car nickname : xiao wang^^
her car's full of tweety bird la.

While walking back to college. Guess who i saw? Tee Chee Huang :) lol He called me Sarah Lee and i was like huh? Oh. Hi. (waved) than go. = = . Sorry la.. im late for class and seriously i need to recall back your good looking face. I miss you :) Long time no see . Its like 5 years . Cant believe that u still recognize me.hehe. Maybe you go through my pictures at FS or FB. Glad to know that^^ regret that dint talk to you lar. Sob sob.. I studied here for few months also cant meet him until today. By the way , he studys at Taylors. Woi .. caroline dont jealous wor.. come inti or taylors study lar.. can see me and others :) heheheh



  1. SHIT~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!
    can i say FUCK here~!?><
    JEALOUS lo...y GK go out with u ha!!!?
    sei GK dun even cal me after start school..
    y u meet TCH d~~
    can not jo~~must find 1day i go back puchong sure all sksm ppl yumcha jo~~TT

  2. HAHAHA.. not meet lar.. its pass by .. He shout my name SARAH LEE. hehehe.. wont forget la.. He study just beside me . Just dint contact only la = =