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Sunday, June 14, 2009

friday 12/6/09

it was MATHS class . hate it . been a little late to class cause just back from POOL ^^ thanks Vincent Quak for treating the pool money ^^ . as no one reserve space for 3 of us, we sat behind , beside the window . Actually there is spaces in the middle which u can see it inside the picture if u scroll down , look .. its kinda obvious. so no need to tell who was them . When we step into the classroom one of them said it out loud. These 3 space were reserved for bla bla bla.
In my heart . I dint even want to sit there . If i really want to sit there what can they do ? harr ?
You have no rights to tell me where to sit . I'm wondering what did i do to you? i hardly even talk to u all . gosh . what is happening to my life when i stepped into college life ? I don even care if you will read my blog . Again . You have no rights to control what i want to write ! im a sensitive person in the matter of friends . Haiz.. about the other part . I wont write about it.

This picture is snapped by kai mun

her & me
miserable life

no comment

kai mun said i dint consume my medicine wor

err.. good ?

she just acting la

gosh my maths. 36 % it a FAILLLL

Had a break with my babe Kai Mun at outside corridor for i think 20minutes . Refill water , washroom , and camwhored. Got her pictures too . But she dint post it to friendster : ( After class, I went to sunway again to wait for my dear come . I went to popular and make myself comfortable there . Pass through a interesting book named THE DARING BOOK FOR GIRLS.
Many different chapter about different things . Cost about RM40++ . I wanted to buy it but insufficient money . I used alot this month and last month. Than about 5.30pm they had arrived and we gathered at Yuen Steamboat Restaurant to celebrate Ai Ling's birthday .
Happy Birthday sweetie :)
The ones who came out that night
Of cuz its me :)
Ai ling ^the birthday girl^
Mee Gee
Wai San
Yin Leng
Kah Sing
Wei Khang
Tai Xi
and Wei Khang's friend

After we finished our dinner , we went to Sentosa than head to Steven's where no more Siesha to smoke. TT argghh.. heard that he moved to ABC's . Than about we went back home.

wei khang and san san
they will fight for these
whole bunch of seaweed
Joanne ^^
san san

gals without belinda :(
ai ling >
belinda ^
oiii havent ready la


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