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Friday, June 26, 2009

please R.I.P. MJ

Received a text message from mummy. Saying that Micheal Jackson has pass away. Please listen to and pay tribute to him. I was like OMG . Stunned for a while. King of Pop is dead. goshhh. While heading to fetch Le anne , i listen to hitz they said he pass away and broadcast his songs. Damn emotion , my tears rolled down again . Don know why i cant control it. Just feel like doesn't want anyone to be dead. I even cried a while because i read someone's blog saying that his father pass away . Believe a not your problem . Maybe its because lately i'm so stress. argghhh.. Feel like party whenever im stress .

Got this from Facebook .

On the Sad morning of June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson was discovered collapsed at his rental home in Los Angeles. 911 emergency services responded promptly at 12:21 pm Pacific time arriving at 12:30 pm to find Michael unconscious and not breathing. He was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center and after a brief slip into a coma Michael was pronounced dead at 2:26pm; the cause reported as cardiac arrest. THE Los Angeles Police Department has opened an investigation and an autopsy is scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2009.

Michael lived a very colourful life and during a short 50 years he made an indelible mark on the planet Earth. Whether or not you are a fan there is nobody who can deny his impact and the memory of him which will persist in all of us indefinitely. Spread the word of Michael Jackson's legacy and make sure everyone will always remember.

Please pay tribute to him.
May him R.I.P.

#Appreciate what you got now before its too late.
xoxo. love my parents & you guys.


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