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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

having a bad time now.

Just argue with my parent =.= i asked for my mum's credit card to pump petrol. Its already Wednesday . Actually she should give it to me on Monday . 1 week once she will give me the pertol money. Yesterday i had already asked her but she forgot to give me or she dint intend to give me. Than just now i ask for it. She say tomorrow when u go back to shop only i give it to you but the problem is my car had already finished fuel. What the FUCK. She still want me to wait until tomorrow. Than my dad say why want to give the card. They usually give the card to me and pump petrol but why today not the same ? What you dont trust me? u scare i will use your card ar? Why u born me out that u dont even trust me ? I just dont like people dont trust me when im correct. And you are my parents. Heart so sore. my tears are rolling down now. And talk about time of my schooling hours. Everyday they will ask me what time you going to school and what time u coming back . What does this mean ? Scare i don go back to the shop ? Im not like any other girls , after studying straight away go home; i need to go back to shop and work at there to get my pocket money . Nonsense right? not like you, even if u dint work; your pocket money is much more than mine. Its been 6 years , after school go back to shop . Every time i go there , i will argue with my siblings. Im tired. Im really tired. Nobody know thats. I know that my mum are tired too but what to do. both of u are the one who make this shop out not me.i know they opened this shop is for us. Actually its not for me its for . . . Its not that i don like to go shop its just i dont like to argue with them. What ? u think arguing with them are easy ? Its not ! Other than that , I need to hear this hear that . Hate it so much. After studying, back to shop you know what they will say . They will say she go there and play not study . go play pool , sunway . i know u were just kidding but do you need to talk about this EVERYDAY? Few years ago , we argued more worst. I was like, i wanted to kill myself for existing in this world. Everything is in my head, family. friends. study. The reason why that i am craving for partyyy so much is i need to release my stress out. they are killing me so much . And guess what, my parent dont even let me to go anymore. think so, cuz i dint try it now. I know they just hate me because of my bad-temper . And i dont like my attitude too, so do u all.
There are still many things to write. stop here
I know my mum will read my blog .

#if any family members that read this please just keep yourself silent . i dont want anything to happen and i dont want meeting.
#appreciate what you got now, don't regret if it is lost.


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