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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tuesday 9/6/09

After class 12pm, we are thinking what to eat. Suggested many kind of restaurants. Subway, AC, Pizza, McD, KFC , huuu and Korean Food. I suggested it :) This restaurant located opposite Taylor's and beside Subway. The 1st branch is at Sunway Pyramid Asian Avenue ( opposite Gasoline ) Ate at there before too . I loveeee Korean food so much . Love the feeling there ^^ super comfortable. The food is okay to me :) Actually the main point of eating there is we need to discuss about our Marketing Assignment.

The street cafe's menumy lunch box Rm 14++

four, tres , two, UNO

# they have various kind of games that we can play.

Nice huh?

10/10 for their bathroom cleanliness

Cute ^^

Smoking area

There were downstairs and upstairs. We prefer upstairs.
No pictures for downstairs room.

Look what are they really doing.

After eating and discussion its about time to go. We paid the bill at 3.45pm. I think we sat and played and talked crap for few hours at there. While on the walking to my car , we bought pearl milk shake to drink. I waited Le anne in the car. Than my mum called and tell me at night we are going to buy dad's father day present at Naza service there. Its kinda near from Inti. So i decided to go there and buy. Luckily Le Anne is willing to go with me ^^I was so unlucky that i got fooled by 2 HEARTLESS MALAYSIAN. I never been there before so i don know how to go. I thought that it was at AVON's company there but unfortunately it was not there. I stopped at SAMSUNG's company which i thought that it was NAZA's company cause it looks like Naza's logo . = = '' seriously okkkkkk .. lol .. Than i got out from my car by myself 1st and ask 2 men who came out from SAMSUNG . Damn fucking chinese uncles. Although im a chinese but so ? How could chinese treat me like this because i spoke english to you means that im not chinese ? what the fuck

Sarah : Excuse me, Is this Harley Davidson's shop or NAza's ?
2 men(The men who stand at the back told me) : Just point to me at the back.

So i went back to the car and called Le Anne yes its here ! Than we went to the corridor there and asked the security guard. An indian middle-aged man.

Sarah : Is this Naza's company?
Security guard : Nooo.
Sarah : harr ? but they told me its here
Security guard : Its behind the crane there.
Sarah : asking for directions and THANK YOU.

Than i drove my car and get out from there. And went to the position of the crane. Haiz . Im very scare that my car finished of fuel cause that time the needle point to E. huuu.. Reached the crane there saw nothing but others company . Haiz . At least he is better than the chinese heartless men. Than i called my mum and asked for directions . She told me what SHELL oil station, Krisnan curry house = = although i knew where it was but i really cant see where is it.
Than I stopped for the 3rd time and asked 2 indian men with formal clothes :

Sarah : Do you know where is Naza's company ?
The indian men : point me to straight there
Sarah : thank you

LIARS ! i know its not go straight you fools !! drag me to hell . suckers ! Than i make an U-turn to Shell station. I stopped to get money from ATM machine and Le anne wanted to ease herself. Than on the way walking to my car. I kindly asked a indian man :

Sarah : bosss . mana itu naza company ?
Indian man : ohh .. showing me directions
Sarah : thank YOU !

Than i followed his directions and WALLA i found it ! Look out of the 4 men that i asked i found that those men who are wearing normal t-shirts and scandals are better than those who wore suit that works at office with positions . Im just a normal girl and i only asked you for directions and i wont harm you ! Look at the chinese men and the indian men which both wore suits point me to hell. HEARTLESS jerks . selfish . Thanks to the security guard that i almost reached there and thanks to the indian man for the better directions . Reached there and i saw many luxurious cars and motor bikes. Their service is 40% good only. when i went in, that promoter look like she doesnt want to serve me with SMILE & FRIENDLY until i said i wanted to buy it. A t-shirt for my dad. On the way going back puchong , i don know where i drove to . omg . i nearly ram on the women's car . She suddenly went out from the junction which is not straight line. I hardly can stop because i drove kinda fast that time . pheeewww luckily i manage to stop and i honked at her many time . thanks to LE anne too.. she showed me directions to go back ..

overall i took 2 hours to go back my parent shop . Need to fetch them back cause my dad went to Kuantan and no one fetch them. Than my lil bro said he wanted to take a look at the T-shirt.

Ah Di : Jie, let me take a look at the t-shirt. (in cantonese)
Sarah : its in the car
Ah Di : just let me take a look
Sarah : go take it yourself
Ah Di : okay , JIE why the t-shirt got a hole ?
Sarah : harrr ?? ?? told mum about it
Mum : why u bought it that time don know how to check ?
Sarah : i forgot .
Mum : take the receipt and get their number
Mum : explain and explain
Girl : you bring back and remember to bring the along the receipt
Mum : ok

Than we need to go back there . It was very dangerous because the car's road tax had expired for few days. OMG that time there was traffic police controlling the traffic. my mum was scared but luckily nothing happened :) reached there and that girl told my mum the size had already finished . Mum picked the normal pattern because of no more patterns. no pictures for the choosen one first.Will post it out later.

After that we went to old town ate bak kut teh . DElicious :)

in front

what the ? there is a hole !!!

I was so careless

their company



  1. the place u eat korean food my friends say not nice le..

    lucky ur bro take a look at it..if not u going to give ur dad a shirt with hole to show his sexyness~~!!

  2. = = .. see your fren eat what la..

    to me ok de..

    ya la..

    make me damn angry la..