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Saturday, June 13, 2009

monday 8/6/09

sorry guys. im kinda busy and lazy to post lately : (
sorry bloggie

Went to college at 11am . We thought that we got the replacement class at 12pm . Actually Le Anne already text me told me that the class changed to Wednesday but we each other don't believed and went to college and take a look because i saw it at the internet on Sunday showed that replacement class is on Monday 12pm. And i don know it changed because i dint online in the morning. I was at my parent's shop. Reached there and i can't find any parking to park. Called Kai Mun and asked where the really canceled class again a not and yes its canceled. Asked lecturer she told us that the clerk post wrongly. Huuu... Because of we still have 4 hours only got class we went to Sunway and Sang K . Just the 3 of us : ) first time all girls and only 3 person. The food was not nice but i finished it off and i liked the chicken soup^^ Happy


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