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Sunday, June 7, 2009

. . .

Its already 8 months

-no gathering
-no contacting each other
-now all of them have their own new life

got gathering PUN like SHIT
just stay silent
its like 1 word also cant say it out
i think its only to me
to the others .. CHIT CHAT .. bla bla bla
seriously if can; i would like to go back to secondary school
ask them to confess why they hate me so much
go back to primary school and after graduating at primary i will choose other school
makes me feel so terrible
back to gathering
too much of people cant even talk to everyone
even though they nothing to talk with the others; they also wont talk to me
i know if u'readers' don know me u will say i sure did something wrong to them
or have a bad attitude against them
but seriously i have done nothing at all except '38' & different opinion
different opinion pun salah ke
recalling back to secondary school
i remember FORM 4 that time ,
we need to choose what society or club we want to join;
because of no one willing to talk to me
just like dumping me beside the dustbin
i walked to other places and have a talk with the boys
and guess what
ALL of my FRIENDS don even notice that i have gone
almost finish the sessions ; only SAN noticed
im like a TOY to them
whenever they want to go out i will follow
#i like to hang out with friends so i wont reject them
whenever i ask them to go out
they will say
-mum dont let
-no money
until now i still got ask them to go out BUT once they REJECTED me again
almost whenever u call me out; out of 10 , 9 times i will be there
and me , i need to follow your precious time to go out
# i wont blame anyone cause im just willing to do that
#i thought that we were friends
now .. whenever u all got go out; u all don even bother to call me
thanks . im not hurt
sometimes i treat my friends better than my own sister
why ? why should i do that
its meaningless now when i recalling all the situation back
i have been already lost many of my friends
don know why
is it because of i don know how to speak mandarin
YEA.. im very appreciate that when i got dengue fever
i stayed at the hospital for few days
and u all visited me
touching huh ?
and now im telling u all why i don want to tell u all when i sick
because . . . i don think that u all will care about me
So, what for telling u all
but that time i did told one of them cuz i need to ask for her help
SEE .. things changes so fast
u can really feel it when u step into my life
i know if i really post this it will make the situation more worse
but i just cant keep in my heart that long
and i really hope that all of us will come out and have a gathering

wish too


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