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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

boring X3

Don know why the hell im not doing my assignment yet im that FREE. Ishhh. Damn lazy. Actually i did open it up and see through but i just don know what to write cause got many part. which to start ? and for example. Social . There are many types. what you want us to write about the social . Gosh . Headache. As i mention about it last last post which i expected that no one will read my blog. T.T i have 4 assignment to do. All haven start yet. Next week need to pass up the management assignment for the individual. Yet im still doing nothing and writing my blog now. Guys, i really feel that after starting my college life i have used a lot of money. My atm card left RM1 only. = = I cant control the usage. I buy watever i like . Mostly every wednesday we will go to sunway. Have our lunch, movies, karaoke and shoooppiingg. This cost me a lot all the time expect my purse run out of RMs. But not tomorrow. We are not going to there anymore : ) guess what we are going to do tomorrow. ^^ . sleepy . Good Night :)


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