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Friday, June 5, 2009

wednesday :) 3/6/09

Went to sunway with my dear that day :) After lining up for 15minutes to buy that ticket, we went to PADINI concept to check out the heels there. They got SALE's until 14/6/09 concourse area, around OSIM. Bought a long sleeve, half cut sweater. Than almost time we went back to cinema and wanted to buy POPCORN but too long the line. End up dint buy it. We watched NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2
which she had already watched. This is the 2nd time she watched. Thanks for doing that .
That movie were funny :) After movie without POPCORN we went to Zanmai Sushi. This is the 1st time i visit there. The service were average b'cuz i needed to wait about 5minutes at there only we got our seat. The SUPERVISOR were friendly but not the WAITER, he looks like that I owe him millions of ringgit. The food were delicious and reasonable price but dear think that its not that GOOD. LOve Fresh Salmon which many people don't like it. Ordered a rich with fresh salmon, octopus, prawn, egg, squid which cost me RM 10 ++ and a miso soup :) yummyy..

ME :)


After lunch i went back to school than meet Le anne and others at POOL.
After pool, management class starts . EXAMMMMMMM !!
I did revise myself the other day and on that day.
WISH me to pass this test 1 :)

SS again :)
hardworking :)
Kai mun babe :)

After this management exam, yet im not relief. There are 4 exams coming next week,

MATHS (sure fail)

Please my dear friends :) wish me luck


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